Everything Wrong With Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa in 21 minutes or Less



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Madagascar Escape 2 Africa is the second film in the animated zoo animal franchise, but honestly they all kind of run together. And they all have lots of sins. Next week: comedy sins & space sins. Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next? •CinemaSins website• 🤍🤍cinemasins.com •Channels• TVSins: 🤍🤍youtube.com/c/TVSins/ MusicVideoSins: 🤍🤍youtube.com/c/musicvideosins/ CommercialSins: 🤍🤍youtube.com/channel/UChg9sWwaJ2TYqpaYqerY5BA CinemaSins Podcast Network: 🤍🤍youtube.com/channel/UC5Nxj5dpHf2p7cN9qdUVEzA •SinClub Members get MORE! ALL videos early, bonus videos and podcasts, merch discounts and MORE on Patreon!• 🤍🤍patreon.com/CinemaSins •Merch!• 🤍🤍teespring.com/stores/cinemasins •Podcasts• Recotopia: A happy home for recommended movies, shows, & music from two people you can totally trust. Chris and Jeremy take turns picking a movie each week to recommend, as well as talk about other pop culture stuff they are consuming. Become a member of the SinClub to interact LIVE with them every week! 🤍tinyurl.com/bdsnw7xj Behind the Sins:The CinemaSins B-Team give you an unprecedented inside look at what goes on in the CinemaSins universe. Each week Aaron, Denee', Jonathan, and Ian will break down the videos, YouTube comments, your questions and more! 🤍tinyurl.com/2ydudbtp Captain’s Pod: A Star Trek companion podcast! Join Ian, Deneé, and a crew of intrepid guests as they boldly explore everything they love and, naturally, everything wrong with the franchise that has dominated the final frontier for more than half a century. 🤍tinyurl.com/56eadf84 •Writers• Jeremy: 🤍twitter.com/cinemasins Chris: Aaron: 🤍twitter.com/aarondicer Jonathan: 🤍twitter.com/samloomis13 Deneé: 🤍twitter.com/DeneeSays Ian: 🤍twitter.com/whittsinned Daniel: •Other Links• Discord: 🤍🤍discord.gg/cinemasins Reddit: 🤍🤍reddit.com/r/CinemaSins/ Jeremy's Book: 🤍cinemasins.com/book Instagram: 🤍🤍instagram.com/cinemasins/

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Everything Wrong With Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa in 21 minutes or Less
Everything Wrong With Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa in 21 minutes or Less
Everything Wrong With Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa in 21 minutes or Less
Everything Wrong With Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa in 21 minutes or Less
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2023-11-27 08:09:59

Any one agree that cinema sins is better than ALL movies EVER

2023-11-24 04:05:19

Can you watch Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted.

2023-11-21 07:31:16

Them penguins are fucking hilarous
They needed that sequel but we needed more penguins 🎉🎉🎉

2023-11-17 06:13:44

Biggest sin is saying anything about a “Karen” then proceeding to do Karen sh*t. That’s on you cinema sins.

2023-11-09 08:35:53

i have been having such a rough weekend but you just made my day with the dying hole google joke x3

2023-11-06 14:18:41

ewuHayXVxks&t=12m11s 12:11 I love that reference soooo much!

2023-10-30 16:31:17

ewuHayXVxks&t=15m33s 15:33 fR 😂

2023-10-30 14:55:47

ewuHayXVxks&t=11m05s 11:05 lmao😂

2023-10-23 20:03:48

I wonder if this movie was affected by the 2007-08 Writers Strike.

2023-10-16 03:13:10

ewuHayXVxks&t=1m34s 1:34 This beginning part of the movie took place in the past, (Most likely before 2001) so…

2023-10-06 19:47:53

Penguins are the best part of these movies

2023-09-27 19:22:17

😂 Anthony Gato reference is awesome !!! He is an amazing juggler , well done cinema sins , iam proud to be a subscriber!!!

2023-09-25 00:47:34

Love the Newsies reference

2023-09-16 09:49:32

ewuHayXVxks&t=11m33s 11:33 You know good and well that was a Planet of the Apes reference. 😒

2023-09-12 00:33:39

ewuHayXVxks&t=1m42s 1:42 guess it’s good I’m watching it on the day then 😅

2023-09-03 07:56:55

Madagascar 3

2023-09-01 01:53:11

Moto Moto and the penguins literally stole the show in this movie xD

2023-08-30 21:28:38

ewuHayXVxks&t=17m57s 17:57 usain bolt: am I a joke to you?

2023-08-24 18:06:21

Request to do Penguins of Madagascar next. Seeing that movie as a teen made me question my childhood

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