SnowRunner Year 1 vs Year 2 Pass: DLC SHOWDOWN

A Tribe Called Cars

A Tribe Called Cars

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Looking to buy a new SnowRunner DLC? Here is my Year 1 vs Year 2 Pass guide, in which I look at what you get and which is my favourite. Subscribe to the Tribe! 🤍 RELATED ARTICLES: 🤍 SUPPORT THE TRIBE ¬ Buy me a coffee 🤍🤍 ¬ Merch 🤍 ¬ Patreon 🤍🤍 ¬ PayPal donation 🤍🤍 ¬ Coinbase crypto wallet – Username: MrTribe Truck reviews 🤍 Best trucks 🤍 All SnowRunner 🤍 A Tribe Called Cars Discord 🤍 WHAT'S YOUR GAMERTAG? MrTribe on Xbox. Twitch, Steam and Epic: ATribeCalledCars. My 4K gaming & video editing PC 🤍🤍 SOCIAL Instagram 🤍 Twitter 🤍 Facebook 🤍 #year2pass #year1pass #snowrunner ABOUT A Tribe Called Cars is a car and gaming YouTube channel and website, founded by motoring editor Ben Griffin. Thank you for watching!

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SnowRunner Year 1 vs Year 2 Pass: DLC SHOWDOWN
SnowRunner Year 1 vs Year 2 Pass: DLC SHOWDOWN
SnowRunner Year 1 vs Year 2 Pass: DLC SHOWDOWN
SnowRunner Year 1 vs Year 2 Pass: DLC SHOWDOWN
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2023-08-16 15:25:11

I will get the season 1, 2, 4 qnd 10 soon. I find them cool

2023-07-26 05:31:50

Meanwhile me playing mudrunner to 100%

Charles Cartier
2023-07-24 11:04:35

Hiya! Great video as Always. What is the truck at the beginning? Thanks 😉

Roaming Loner
2023-07-22 23:07:29

how is season 8?
I read it's the best map in year 2

Phil the Ninja
2023-06-14 16:50:33

and i tought imandra was hard

Track Taylor
2023-05-10 09:49:16

Great video. Im curious.. what resolution is This captured in.. it looks amazing

2023-04-21 22:09:20

Spent around 30 hours in the base game and i thoroughly enjoy the vehicle rescue missions and the "cargo rescue" missions
(when there's cargo out in the world you need to collect with a crane and then deliver).
The other missions are fine but they get a bit dull after a while with the exeption to building the bridges maybe.
I noticed the dlc's are on sale so i was wondering if any of the dlc maps have more vehicle/cargo rescue missions
than others or if it's generally an equal amount of diversity all across the board?

Tommy -G-
2023-04-14 23:13:34

WoW , epic video ! 🙂

turd burger
2023-03-18 01:04:14

Ah yes, the International hx 520 which turned into an International paystar lol

2023-03-02 08:07:55

I just wish I was good at this game. I love it but I’m stuck 🫠have been for months

Lloyd Jones
2023-02-28 22:04:27

I brought the year 1 pass and the high roller pack is there ):|

2023-01-23 18:24:32

great vids, subscribed! :)

2023-01-21 00:52:33

nvjkSCKCgUc&t=9m00s 9:00 new addons for zikz or mod ?

The Architect
2023-01-16 05:13:50

See, I LIKE year 2 more, but year 1 is better with the base game. Year 1 feels like it adds on to the end of the vase game and concudes with crazy challenges. Year 2 is just different

2023-01-09 09:34:58

I think they should finish this game and start developing a new Snowrunner game with next generation physics.

2023-01-08 02:19:32

Just bought Y2P with your code!

2023-01-06 10:54:30

Season 1 was so much better than season 2. Not that season 2 was all that bad, just not much content compared to season 1. Plus season 1 offers better trucks IMO.

2023-01-05 22:14:53

I play this game since it was named "Spintires". So i bought both DLC's...

Austin Russell
2023-01-02 13:08:16

what truck is at nvjkSCKCgUc&t=6m19s 6:19 ? is that a modded truck?

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